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  • We're now plastic neutral!

    Exciting news! Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we’re now contributing to the removal of the same amount of plastic from the environment as we use in our packaging and shipping, making us the first Plastic Neutral meat-alternative company in the world (isn’t that wild?!).
  • Lupin beans 101 - nutritional powerhouse that you want to know about

    Our favourite protein source, tempeh, is traditionally made with soybeans and it’s no secret that we love our soy tempeh, which is also our bestseller. Call us biased but that stuff is delicious! However, we’re equally fond of our lupin tempeh (the original lupin tempeh, our smoked lupin tempeh and marinated Better Bites). Lupin beans are so great that it’s very hard not to be a fan. In this post we’re going to dive into all things lupin: what it is, why it’s so great and what delicious dishes to make with lupin tempeh. Enjoy!
  • Our top 20 books to read during self-isolation

    Losing yourself into a good book with a cup of tea and some biscuits or chocolate is definitely an activity that brings us joy - especially nowadays. Diving into a captivating book can help you forget the worries of the world for a while, and then surface again recharged and refreshed. So, instead of talking about tempeh, plant-based diet or ways to go green, we wanted to do something different today and share some of our favourite reads with you. Enjoy!
  • Let's go green! Part 3: When less is more

    Our ‘Let’s Go Green!’ mini series might have experienced a few weeks hiatus but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been thinking about all things green! And now we’re back with a third post of the series. This time, we’re focusing on why sometimes (often) and on some (many) areas of our lives, less is more. Time to tackle fashion, flying and laundry!
  • Let's go green! Part 2.

    The wait is over and the time has come for part two of our ‘Let’s go green!’ mini series! In this post, we’re tackling the following sexy topics: electricity, banking and browsing the web. These might not sound like the most riveting subjects but please bear with us - this trio is actually important and can really help you green up your act ;)
  • Let's go green!

    It’s easy to feel defeated in the face of news about the state of the world, climate and environment but don’t lose hope. The best antidote to feeling hopeless or anxious is action. If you want to go green in 2020 but aren’t sure how to do so, we have some ideas for you. The first part of our new mini series is focused on how you can help protect this precious planet through food.
  • Keep calm and enjoy Veganuary

    So you signed up for Veganuary but are struggling to keep up with all the changes? Keep calm, there is no need to panic! Just like so many things in life, Veganuary doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and a setback doesn’t equal failure. And if you need some inspiration and tips to keep going, we got your back.
  • So many delicious dishes, so little time

    We’ve created a list of some amazing veggie eateries in London to celebrate the delicious plant-based food that is made in this city.
  • For the love of food

    Although variety is the spice of life, it doesn’t mean we should forget about last night’s leftovers or all the other ingredients we already have hiding in our fridges and pantries.
  • Happy World Food Day!

    Today is the annual #WorldFoodDay, so we figured it’s a good opportunity to talk a bit more about our mission and our charity partner ITM, Indonesian Tempe Movement.
  • Why we root for organic

    Now that Organic September is in full swing, what better opportunity is there to talk about all things organic? First thing’s first - what exactly is organic all about? As the Soil Association perfectly summarises: “Organic farming means working with nature, not against it.” We’re all about collaborating with nature to do better for people, the planet and animals, so organic seems like a natural fit for us! Because of this, we only source organic legumes for our delicious tempeh products.
  • Tempeh vs Tofu - Friends not Twins

    Since tofu and tempeh are both typically made with soybeans and sold in a block, we often get asked whether they’re the same. As you might have guessed from the title of this blog, they’re not - they’re both awesome, but in different ways. So, how exactly do these two plant-based pals differ? We’re glad you asked.