'The Whole Shebang' Bundle

'The Whole Shebang' Bundle

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If you're as obsessed with all things tempeh as we are, then we have just the bundle for you. You'll be eating tempeh in all its amazing forms every night of the week in no time.

Bundle includes:
2x Organic Soy Tempeh
2x Organic Tempeh Mince
2x Organic Smoked Soy Tempeh
2x Organic Lupin Tempeh
2x Organic Smoked Lupin Tempeh
2x Organic Tempeh Rashers
2x Better Bites, Saucy Stir-Fry
2x Better Bites, Tantalising Taco
2x Better Bites, Moreish Masala

12% DISCOUNT compared to buying separately!

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